47 thoughts on “Time Travelling With A Hamster by Ross Welford

  1. I believe this book is a refreshing read from the usual young adult books with more mature concepts. You can feel empathy for the characters, which creates a type of relationship between the reader and the characters or a certain character, and I always want to find out more whilst reading this!

  2. This book begins to get slightly confusing once the main character starts to explore the concept of time travelling. I find it hard to understand when the character is travelling in time, and where the plot is really heading at this point in time. However, I haven’t finished the book yet, so I might just need to carry on reading for it all to make sense.

    • I agree. The concepts of time-travel used in this book do get confusing at times, however it gets better as you read on.

      • I agree. Sometimes, I didn’t understand what time zone Al was in however other times I understand it really well. The ending, I personally found, was really well-written and emotional for the readers. I think the ending was the best part of the book.

  3. Ok so here is my first thoughts on “Time Travelling with a Hamster”. I haven’t finished it yet but I just want to give my opinion on it. As soon as I read the first page of the book I was immediately interested. My head was filled with questions. Questions that I wanted to know the answer to. So I started reading chapter 1 and I quickly grew to enjoy Al as a character. Something about him just makes him feel likable. In Chapter 2 you feel sympathy for him (not going to tell you why. No spoilers here!). The writing in the book is basic but it works. It really works. I’m interested in the book so far and I hope this one wins this years concorde book awards!

    • Al is a very likable character. The author has written him in a lot of detail and explained his feeling and motives in a way that gives him a likable personality.

      • I agree with fact that Al is a likable character, however I must say that I would like his backstory to be written in more depth. Some parts are easy to understand but extra information could be added.

  4. I think the title was a little miss-leading as I thought it was about a hamster but the hamster was barely even in the book. Overall it was a interesting book with a lot of attention to little details.

    • I agree. The book is called “Time Travelling with a Hamster”, so readers expect a hamster to be the main character in the book. However, the hamster was barely mentioned in it, which may make readers not like the book because it misleads them. I still really enjoyed the book though, and it makes you want to carry on reading!

  5. I have just started reading this book and personally, I find it confusing. It seems to abruptly start in the middle of action and left the readers wondering about why the character was there.

    • I agree with you Bethan, Abbeywood. You don’t understand the characters as they have no real backstory. Also, you can’t understand the story as it has a confusing start.

  6. A bit boring at first but when you get into it it is really good and it flows really well when you understand the story line as well as possible.

  7. I wasn’t so sure about this book at first and found it very confusing, however as I got into it I started to enjoy it a lot more even though it is not normally my type of book.
    I found the plot unique and think that the book is definitely not just one of those typical time travel books.
    It may not be my favourite of all the books, but it was definitely a good read.

  8. I’ve gotten a bit more into the book now and I honestly thought it was a light-hearted, time travelling kid’s book where the hamster would be a talking hamster like in kids cartoons. I never expected it to say lots of technical stuff that a child would never understand. I am most certainly to see how this book will continue however, the cover is very deceiving 😉

  9. I did enjoy this book but there was some scientific explanations of time travel which were hard to understand. This being said, you could accept that you can/can’t do something in time travel and enjoy the plot anyway. The book did get confusing in the middle but you should carry on reading because by the end of the book I understood it more and felt the book rounded off well, unlike some left on a cliff-hanger or without an explanation.

    • I agree with you about the time travelling terms being difficult to understand. I am not very far through the book and I am enjoying it, however there are parts where I get confused with the technical terminology and explanations of time-travelling. I still think it will be a good read, though probably not one of my favourites.

  10. I have only started reading this book and I am already in love with it. I thought the plot line would be a lot more lighter but it is actually quite deep and I haven’t seen anything like it. Looking forward to reading more of this 😉

  11. This is a time travelling book. The book is quite confusing and mind twisting but challenging for young adults. It is not for younger children because of inappropriate language (swearing). It is a great book and sad at the end. Al (The main character) is very adventurous. If you like a challenge then this is a good book. It (in a quite detailed description) explains the science of time travel. Sometimes this can get in the way of the main plot. Young adults who have a dream of becoming a scientist then read this book ( It is very sciency!). At the end, it is very confusing as a lot happens. Unfortunately, the dad dies twice but can Al save him or will time travel be too much for him?
    CN, Brimsham Green School

    • I agree with most of your points- it was quite confusing at times and definitely adventurous, but I actually think that the science aspect could have gone into further detail. I would have enjoyed the book much more if it went into more detail on parallel universes and the butterfly effect, but the whole idea of time travel didn’t seem like the main focus of the book, which was disappointing as it was even mentioned in the title. However, I also liked the whole idea of Al’s feeling being a main plot point, as it made the story a lot more real.

    • I disagree! Although the cover may seem childish, I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to you , and suggest that even if it doesn’t look like the type of novel you would usually enjoy, the plot is engaging and interesting.

  12. This title immediately caught my attention out of the all the books nominated. Although it does appeal to younger readers, I am 15 and enjoyed it as well.

    The whole ‘time travelling’ plot is used quite a lot in literature, and for the title to mention that, I don’t feel as if there was enough time travelling until quite late into the book. But other than that it was done really well.

    My favourite part was seeing how his actions started the butterfly effect, and although I would have liked to see more alternate universes throughout the book, the ending was spectacular.

  13. I started reading this book yesterday, and I think that the cover misleads readers. The cover makes it look like a younger children’s book rather than a book that a 12 year old would read. However, if you just read the first page you find out that it is actually more grown-up than what it looks and sounds. I’m really looking forward to find out what happens next!
    However, I feel like the plot is slightly unoriginal – I have heard and read lots of books with a time-travelling person/creature in them, and this is what the book seems to be about.

    • I agree with your comment on the plot, although most of the idea is original, it does not explore the side effects of time travel thoroughly enough. I would have enjoyed the novel a lot more if the concept of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ was used more than once. It would have made the novel more exciting and engaging to read.

  14. i think this book is suitable for 11-14 year olds as it is a relaxing book and it attract friends in my English class and they say what is time travelling with a hamster and i loved this book

    • I agree with your suggestion of the age range. The language used is appropriate for younger readers, but any younger that 11 and they might not understand all of the plot. After readers reach 14, the drama may seem slightly boring and childish, especially as teen fiction tends to be darker.

      • I agree with Winnie Castle I think that people over the age of 14 would not enjoy this or for slightly younger viewers may also want read more mature books

        • I agree with Rachel, Abbeywood. Older readers may dislike the book, as it contains some topics that would appeal to younger children more. However, if you wanted a fresh break from your usual mature book, I would recommend this! It contains humour and you always want to find out what happens next.

  15. I’m not sure about whether I will like this book, as it looks a bit boring and like it is for younger readers.
    Not many others are sure about it either and I think this is because it looks like it is targeted for readers younger than us.

    • I agree with this because, in my opinion, the front cover is targeted to younger readers. Also, you don’t hear about many books which include a “time-travelling hamster” in the age group of 11-13 year olds.

    • I disagree, in my opinion the front cover could be aimed at a lot of ages. Recently, lots of book titles have started using childish names and covers to draw readers in, and successful authors like John Green also use quite simplistic artwork on their books.

      I think there should be more books with slightly wacky titles in the teen fiction genre, as it often accompanies an original plot.

      • I disagree with that because in my opinion, I have not seen best-selling books for teenagers in the shops with ‘childish’ names. If I walked past this book in a shop, I would think (personally) that it was for a younger child and I would not buy it. I would borrow it from a library but I wouldn’t spend money to buy it.
        However, I can see other people’s points. It looks like a nice break from other harder books and more of these types of books in the teen genre would be nice.

        • Although it is not as common now, more and more teen novels are adopting simpler front covers. I agree with your point about simpiler novels, especially as you go into higher years in school, the level and complexity of novels you are expected to read and understand increases significantly.

          • Even though I like this idea of a simple cover, I do think teenage books should have a more grown up title. The actual cover isn’t as bad -I’ve seen other books with this sort of cover- but the title can deceive readers. ‘Time-travelling with a hamster’ implies it is a book for younger readers and not for the teenage genre.

          • I agree with Bethan, Abbeywood, as I think that lots of people our age would just walk past this in a shop, expecting it to be for younger readers.
            The title could also be quite misleading and I don’t think that many people’s initial thoughts about this book will be too good.

    • I agree with Winnie as, if you look at Ross Welford’s website, All the books have similar covers. Plus Children’s books tend to use bright Colours and Big imagery. Meanwhile this book uses darker colours and smaller imagery catching the eye off most OLDER people.

      Also it doesn’t matter what age group its targeted at. Diary of a Wimpy kid is targeted at 8 year olds yet anyone can enjoy it.

      Judging books by there titles or covers can be misleading. For example my teacher showed people 2 of the covers for scarlet and ivy and people IMMEDIATLEY judged it.

      I guess what I’m saying is give it a chance.

    • I’m the same the title didn’t draw me in and stand out as amazing but when I started to read it I really enjoyed it.

  16. I feel like this story will appeal to younger ages because of the front cover. I’m not sure about reading this book but I feel like it could be a fun read.

      • I agree – at first I thought this book would be for primary school children however when you get into the storyline a bit more, you find out the topic of the book is actually quite grown-up. Some people have said the start is quite boring, but I definitely didn’t – the story dived straight into action and you found yourself never wanting to stop reading!

  17. The book is very good but quite sad. I am currently on page 320 and he has been going backwards and forwards in time for a while. I relate to the main character, Al because I don’t like change

  18. The title of the story is quite silly and might draw in the wrong age group to read it as it is not a book for 2-4 year olds. The cover is quite bland and doesn’t tell much about the story. Jacob, Abbeywood School

    • However, alot of the time, the book cover is desighned to draw people in and this was what was picked. Maybe the cover’s relation to the plot was lost in translation? Eitherway it doesn’t matter this seems interesting.
      As for the title, I understand your point. It contasts the quote at the top, making the book seem light hearted, when in reality it mostlikely isn’t.
      The quote makes the book seem interesting enough to read. I’d try it.

      • For me, the title was chosen to get the readers attention. I agree that it is slightly misleading, but the age group its more likely to draw it is around 9-13 year olds, as the size of the book and size of the text could be deemed as off putting for younger ages.
        The cover doesn’t really link to the plot of the book, but is more engaging than some of the other covers nominated for this years awards.

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