34 thoughts on “Scarlet And Ivy – The Lost Twin by Sophie Cleverly

  1. I finished Scarlet and Ivy and… I LOVED IT!!! Its really Captivating and (kind of) similar to Murder most unladylike. However the ending felt a little bit unsatisfactory. I won’t go into why as it spoils it. It left on a Cliff Hanger and it makes me really hyped for the next one.

    • I agree that the book was really good, however I personally really enjoyed the ending as it was unexpected and gripping.

      • I agree, the book was really good and the end was amazing. However, the story was, for me, a bit of a spin off from the Enid Blyton book series ‘The Famous Five’ and her boarding school books. I mostly think this because its based on a mystery between a group of girls at a boarding school, with a few extra details like the ballet teacher and the twin being the one who’s missing. I really enjoyed the book, as it was a refreshing break from more mature reads, and will definitely read the other ones in the future.

  2. I have finished this book now and I really enjoyed it. It has a very gripping storyline and whilst reading, you feel like you are actually there trying to solve the mystery.
    It was hard to put down and had a very original storyline.
    Overall, I found this book extremely enjoyable and a great read.

  3. I adore “Scarlet and Ivy:The Lost Twin”! The riddles are simply captivating and I always try-and fail- to work them out! I read this book a few months ago, before I joined Castle School, and loved it! I ended up reading the whole series!

  4. I have just finished reading Scarlett and Ivy and found it a fantastic read. It was an easier read, in my opinion, than the other books in the Concorde Book Awards and because of that, I will remember it. The language was easy to understand and it is perfect in it’s genre and age group. Also, I found that I always wanted to turn the page and find out more.
    This book (sort of) reminds me of the Murder Most Unladylike series, however it has it’s own spin about it because it is based on twins.
    I enjoyed this read immensely, however it is still not my favourite book in the book awards – it is my second favourite.

    • i agree i really enjoyed this book as it is so interesting. it is the first one i have read in the series but i love it so i am definitely going to read the others.

  5. I have just started this book and the first few pages, I found, were slightly confusing. I feel like the middle of the story started right at the beginning, and there should be some background information to what happens to Scarlet. Instead, I feel like it just abruptly starts in, what seems like, the middle of action.

    • Hi Bethan, I disagree with that point. It tells us at the start that something happened to Scarlet and this book is about finding out what. Giving background information wouldn’t have a greater affect in the long run. By having Ivy discover that she isn’t dead, makes us as the reader, go on this journey with Ivy. It helps us relate to her and understand her thought process.

      • I see what you mean, but I do think it could start of as a little mysterious diary entry/letter from Scarlett, not giving off too much information to the reader but to make it seem more interesting. If this was included, I would find it more interesting straight from the beginning, rather than having to wait a bit to find myself really into the book. However, as the book goes on, I do understand your point about the fact that the mysteriousness helps us understand Ivy’s thought process.

  6. I have finished this book and I must say, it is absolutely amazing. The controversy between all of the girls is very interesting to read and you want to find out what will happen between the girls.

    • I agree – the rivalry between all the girls is intriguing and makes you always want to turn the page. As soon as Ivy enters the school, there is obvious controversy between Penny and Ivy/Scarlet. The drama between them isn’t petty and even know the book is an easier read, I always interests me.

  7. Although this book is aimed for younger readers, I enjoyed it immensely. The plot was gripping and the uncomfortable way she felt when pretending to be her twin was written beautifully.

    • I agree with Winnie, Castle. As Ivy discovered more and more about her missing twin, I could feel a range of emotions. The diary entries were written really well – it always had a secret in it and left you wondering what had happened.

    • I agree! The book is written in such a way that you feel like you know Ivy. Personally, whilst I was reading this book, I understood Ivy’s thought process really well, and it didn’t take me long to get into the book, as the characters are so intriguing.

  8. i think this book will be about scarlet going missing and ivy taking her place .the title tells you that one of the twins goes missing.The topic of this book is possibly a mystery.i want to read this book because it draws you in and makes you want to read more.

  9. I think this book will be about twin sisters and one went away somewhere and got lost and the other twin has to find the one who is lost. The title tells that there are two girls called Scarlet and Ivy they are twins and that one of them are going to get lost. I think i am going to like this book because it is about mystery and i really like mystery. I feel like the twin who gets lost wanders into an abandoned house and can not find a way out so the other one has to find a way of getting her out. I think this book proves what i was saying that there is an abandoned house and you need to find out a way to get the lost twin out. I have read a lot of similar things because my favorite type of book is mystery and this one seems to be about mystery.

  10. This book looks amazing and everyone who has read it so far seems to be really impressed by it. It looks similar to Murder Most Unladylike from last year which I really enjoyed.
    I am really excited to read this book.

    • I totally agree Marianna it’s really similar to Murder Most Unladylike accept there’s only 1 detective. But its REALLY good so far. I highly recommend it.

      • Personally, I do not think it is like the Murder Most Unladylike series. It vaguely has the same concept but the way the story is told is completely different. It’s about Ivy trying to find out what happened to her sister and the hardships she had to endure whilst she was trying to.

  11. I have read quite a bit in to the book and it is just so full of suspense. It just leaves you urging to find out what’s going to happen next in the story.

  12. My first impression of this book is that it will be fantastic. I am really looking forward to reading this book because the book cover is very intriguing and it makes you want to read the book.

  13. This book is really gripping and by far one of my favourite books. The story uses the first few chapters to introduce you to the personality of the main character. Then the real story starts.

    • I really do agree with you Jakob, it is a really intriguing and fun story to read. A little like Murder Most unladylike last year.

      • I agree with you. However, this is different to Murder Most Unladylike. That was more of a detective story. This is more of a mystery story.

  14. The cover looks very outstanding and appealing to all ages. When you start reading the first pages, the story grips you in instantly using a sad backstory to keep you reading to find out what happened to Scarlet. Jacob, Abbeywood School

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