34 thoughts on “More Of Me by Kathryn Evans

  1. my fav book of the lot so far I think, normally I wouldn’t go for a book of this kind of genre but the almost fantasy/ nearly dystopian novel I now love to read

  2. I love “More Of Me”! It is unique; I have never seen anything like it! I strongly recommend reading it, as it is incredibly gripping-I had to read what Teva would do next!

    • i agree with you faith. the ending shed a tear to my eye but i loved the book so much! i reccomend other people to also read the bone sparrow as it is a heartfelt emotional masterpiece of a book. 10/10!

      • I agree with Harry, Castle because at the start of the book, some people struggled to understand the concept of the book, however I could feel the action unspiralling into what you said was a heartfelt, emotional masterpiece.
        My advice to people reading this book is to be open to something new and to not give up on the book easily.

  3. I have finished reading this book and I am in love with this plot. It’s almost like she has a double life and that Eva is trying to keep control between both of them as well as trying to figure out who or what they made like that. The plot line is very unique and it follows though nicely.

    • I agree. The plot is extremely unique and really intriguing. I loved this book and found it extremely hard to put down.

    • i also agree. the plot flows through and never gets dull. is creates emotions like no other book does, and thats why i love it so much.

  4. I really like this book so far. when we looked at the covers I thought this looked like a great book so I am very pleased to tread it and I want to find out what happens to the main character, will she manage to control the person fighting her.

    • I’ve just finished this book, and honestly? It’s amazing! It’s one of my favorite books up for this award and I hope you will find it just as great as I did.

      • I agree with Mary, Castle. At first, I was unsure if I would like it or not, however once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down! It was the first book I read in the awards and it set up my standards for the rest! After reading five of the books, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite book!

  5. I find More of Me to be very intriguingly written. The book begins with lots of mysteries and vague descriptions of how things came to be like this for Teva, and as the book progresses you eventually discover how everything pretty much “happened”. The end is a major twist, and easily the most fulfilling ending I’ve read in a while. There are a few badwords, so I’d recommend that older people read it however.
    E.B, Year7, Hanham Bookwurms

    • I agree. I loved this book for many of the same reasons. Lots of people have been saying that it was extremely confusing, however as long as you take time to read it, you can understand it quite easily.

      • I agree with Marianna. The book, in my opinion, is not confusing at all and this is my favourite book from the awards! 🙂

        • Although I honor your opinion Bethan, I must beg to differ.the story does start of confusing but eventually it unspirals into a masterpiece. This is a must have for all avid readers of the century!

  6. I think this book is underrated. It is an amazing read and, even though I wasn’t sure of it at first, I think it could be the best book in the Book Awards. However, this book contains some bad language, but it is written in a way that makes the reader feel empathy towards the main character. During my time reading this book, I felt many emotions and the plot twist at the end is fantastic!

    • I agree with you. You can really connect with the characters in this book and it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions.
      I couldn’t put it down and found the plot line amazing.
      This was a fantastic read.

      • I agree. I read this book in 3-4 days and it was an amazing read. I loved all the characters and I could connect with all their backstories.
        In the other books in the Book Awards, I haven’t yet read a book where there is a full and easy to understand backstory to the main characters in the book.
        This book was amazing because it contained life lessons whilst telling a fantastic story. It taught you about how to handle life and was a powerful story of love, friendship and truth. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something new!

        • I disagree, Bethan, Abbeywood. I couldn’t understand the background with Eva, even after the time you find out about her past. Also, I couldn’t understand the relationship with Oli as the way he was portrayed with her previous version wasn’t clear. And finally, I did not understand her friend as her background isn’t really explained.

          • I disagree – I found all the backstories of the characters interesting and easy to understand, and if the author didn’t give much information on the backstory of the character then I get the impression that the character is either a mystery or not as important as the main characters.

  7. The contrast of her feeling trapped and her knowledge of the fact she’ll not be allowed outside clearly demonstrates the fierce possessiveness she feels over her life. It also shows a warped hatred of herself, which is an interesting idea, and highlights the fact that although all the girls are the same person, they differ greatly. My favourite part of the book was the personality difference between her ages, illustrating the change in one girl over a long period of time.

  8. It’s very good and the idea of the plot is rather original. At the end, there is a r plot twist …… It shows her trying to combat her ‘illness’ with her regular life, constantly switching between them. I haven’t seen this idea used before and I am very fond of it. 10/10 from me.

    • I agree with Anna, Abbeywood. There are various plot twists throughout the book and the idea is original. I love how her backstory is revealed later on in the book and her backstory and ‘disease’ is different. Definitely 10 out of 10 for the storyline and plot and it is one of the best books I have ever read!
      I would really, REALLY love to see a sequel all about the next girl because I feel like this would be an amazing book and story that I would immediately buy!

  9. I think that this book was amazing. It has a really original plot that I’ve never seen before in a book. It shows a good idea of what its like to be trapped inside your own home, and in a way that hasn’t been done before.

    • I agree. I have never read a book with a plot like this one and a lot of thought must of gone into writing this.

  10. I think that this book looks very different and interesting and I am excited to read it, however lots of people have said that it is hard to understand at a few points. I think that will probably be true, but I am still going to read it as it seems extremely fascinating.

  11. The story looks very strange and unusual. The cover is really intriguing as it shows little outlines of parts of her face to show them that there is more than one of the girl. Jacob, Abbeywood School

    • Following on from my previous comment, I might not enjoy this book as I do not really enjoy sci-fi and the topic of the book is a bit strange.

      • I disagree – the fact that the topic of the book was unusual made me even more intrigued into the book. Usually, I dislike sci-fi books but this book was amazing!

  12. This book is one of my favourites so far and it has an unexpected ending which I love! However, I found it confusing at some parts but I like how the story is told. Bethan, Abbeywood School

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