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  1. The main reason why some of us dislike this book is because of the topics and the language. Even though I am one of them, maybe the reason why we dislike it is because we are too young to understand the feeling of the things they do. The book is based on 16 and 17 year olds, so they are able to feel the thrill of drinking for the first time, or the anxiety about a sex tape. However, we are younger, therefore, we don’t understand it. Also, (not meaning to sound stereotypical) but 16 and 17 year olds are able to swear more freely in any situation, which may be why the writer included it.
    If the book’s main characters were 12 year olds, then maybe we would like the book more because we would be able to feel empathy with the characters easier. However, if it was that way, the book would lose part of it’s sense of reality.

  2. Hello all,

    For my second read of the 2018 Concorde I decided to give Oli White’s Generation Next a try. And I have to say, it’s a very mixed bag.

    I won’t spoil the plot, but it focuses around a group of young adults who create a social media platform called Generation Next (referred to a GenNext) and what happens to them after the platform goes viral.

    The main character, Jack, isn’t very well fleshed out. He’s your average socially awkward tech – genius trope, with a 2D love interest who can’t decide whether she’ll be with him or not. The gang that he becomes part of is also equally cliche, with the Joker, the Nerd and the Emo, ect.

    What really irks me about the character of Jack is that everything is handed to him on a silver plate; he never has to truly do much throughout the first half of the book. After he makes it big he does come across a few hurdles, but there’s no payoff, and it’s annoying.

    One thing about this book also is that it appears to glorify celebrities and the whole worshipping famous people thing. It is redeemed by the web design aspect of the book, but those parts are small and far between.

    This book deals with a few adult themes, and it handles them pretty well, put it still plays on stereotypes far too much, with every new character being more boring and predictable than the last.

    The books main characters are all young adults, and so, the situations they are placed (parties and drinking, ect) will definitely not relate to the books audience.

    Also, people in the comments, please stop complaining about the swears! The books language may be a bit colourful at times, but seriously, it’s nothing that most teenagers don’t hear everyday at school anyway!

    Last point – I think this book may be having a bit of an identity crisis. I am, at the time of writing this, not all the way through, but so far it seems to be struggling with whether it wants to be funny or serious! While this wouldn’t be a huge issue, it genuinely leaves me confused at times!

    Francis, Brimsham Green Secondary School.

    • Hello Francis – I do agree with your point about the book having an identity crisis. Throughout the book, it goes from the author being funny and joking around, to another point where its serious and the author seems to be attempting to give out a lesson to the readers (like the reason why he left his old school). This is why I believe some readers found the story slightly confusing because the way the story is wrote switches from being funny to angry to serious to sad all in one chapter.

  3. I think this book is a great boom so far. I am on page 231 and its so emotional. Apart from the language the book is fantastic. The language is ok for some readers. I find the language fine. Year 7’s are the youngest people i would recommend it to. The front cover looks child interesting but it has bad language so it isn’t. I love this book as it is emotional and great. I would recommend it to all my year 7 friends.

  4. the flashback towards the start of the book added suspense, however it did take a little while to get into the book. I was confused towards the target audience as the characters are young adults, going to parties and getting drunk and we cant relate to this. However its a fiction story so people of that age wouldn’t be attracted to the book, even so I enjoyed it.

  5. I think that this book is enjoyable and exciting. I haven’t read many books which talk about new fame online and the issues which come with this. I think that that makes the idea of school students creating a website and it doing well intriguing, especially since Oli White is a Youtuber and even though Generation Next is fictional, it is very similar to other online careers starting today. The language used in the book is not appropriate for younger readers, but I think that as long as there is a warning that the book contains some bad language it is alright, because you can then judge whether you would like to read the book (knowing that there is bad language), whether you are old enough, and if you can ignore it while reading. Personally I can accept the language so I extremely enjoyed the book and would give it an 8/10.

    • I agree with many of your points on this novel. Many readers can accept strong language and are okay with it, but I also feel that there could have been a warning on the front cover saying yr8+. I also agree with your opinion on the plot, its original and interesting, but in my view it was executed rather badly. I just feel that it was ruined slightly by the lack of character development and clichés.

  6. I have finished reading this book and I have enjoyed reading it. The idea hasn’t been done before which makes it original and a fun read. I think it would mostly appeal to people who views his videos on YouTube, but I don’t and I still liked the book. However, I do not think it is the best book in the Book awards.

    If the book contained less bad language and the drama was appropriate and appealing to our age group it would have a higher rating by myself. I would rate this book 9/10 for plot, 5/10 for language, 5/10 for drama and overall 8.5/10.

    • I understand your point but there were only parts of the book which contained severe bad language. Most of the book used normal language and written, I felt, in a calm tone. In some way, the bad language adds an emotion to it and is used to make the reader feel panicked, anger and just feel empathy to the character. However, the writer could’ve done this in a more polite manner instead of swearing every time something didn’t go to plan.

      • I agree with your point about the language, but in my opinion the tone of the main character was inconsistent throughout the entire novel. It was written in a way that was purposefully humorous, but often became ‘normal’ as the plot intensified. This, for me, made it much harder to read as the style of narration kept changing. The use of explicit language also backs up my point, as the funnier style of writing did not include any inappropriate words, but often as the main character became angrier, the style of writing became more serious and his language became stronger.

    • I agree! I definitely feel that the intended target audience is his subscribers, but it also appeals to those who don’t watch his channel.

      • I feel like the book is mostly aimed at his subscribers, and that was the main thought of the author. However, as the book grown bigger and more popular, more people who didn’t know the celebrity/ youtuber started reading the book.

  7. I think the language in this book is not suitable for the readers the book is aimed at. I find that there is a range of bad language throughout the book and even though I am only on page 150, I am (kind of) surprised at the variety of swearing.
    However, I am finding this book a really interesting read because at the end of every chapter this is a cliffhanger. I’m always wanting to turn the page to find out more about all the drama (even if it is slightly too grown up for our age). I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and finding out about how the drama will be resolved.

    • I fully agree with your points on the language. It is not clear from the blurb or the front cover what age audience the book is aimed towards, and a younger child could easily pick it up and start reading. The Concorde Book Awards are primarily aimed towards students in year 7 and year 8, and a lot of the language used, although often heard in a school environment, is not suitable for children of that age.

      • Yes – I completely agree with you both. The drama is also much too grown up for Year 7’s or any younger readers. The fact that it contains a ‘sex tape’ in a book for children is completely wrong. A year 5 or 6 reading this would not understand the severity of this situation. If this happened in real life, it wouldn’t be a case of going round to their house and telling him to not share it but it would become a lot more serious. That’s why I mostly do not agree with this book – if anything, this issue should be teaching readers about what to do, but for me, it didn’t do that.

        • I also agree, and the book could have been written easily without using any of the inappropriate language or situations. They held no real value to the plot, and easily could have been replaced with something aimed more towards younger students. A lot of older teen books use these kind of plot devices, but it is not appropriate for the age range that the Concorde Book Awards are aimed towards.

      • I agree with Winnie. Although this book is aimed towards the older age they allow it be in awards to make year 7s and 8s read books. Maybe a younger sibling picks it up and reads it. The language is heard everyday but only in secondary schools.

      • I agree with Winnie Castle, the language should be aimed at older teenagers. However, I do suppose that the majority of Year 7’s and 8’s have heard the language used before, as it is not uncommon now.
        However, I do still stick to my main point – a book for this age group should not contain the bad language, even if it is heard in the world. It should not be used because it could make children want to use it more to their friends and family, which could potentially get them in trouble (which would get them nowhere).

  8. I disagree with Winnie, Castle because I have never heard of this you tuber so I wasn’t sure about it, also it looked like it had a confusing storyline. I actually really like the book so far and I cant wait to read more.

    • I hadn’t heard of this you tuber either, it was only when my sister pointed that fact out that I realised he was ‘famous’. I didn’t enjoy the book at all, and in fact agree with your earlier statement about the confusing storyline. It is not made clear at all which parts of the novel are set in the past and which are set in the future.

      • I disagree with the fact that you said that it wasn’t clear when the story was set. I found that it was very clear when he went back into the past and into the present. The first chapter was before he went to the interview, then about three quarters into the book, it said that’s all you need to know about my life so far.

        • I agree. Often books start in the future to give the readers a hint of what is to come, but I felt that introducing the fact they were famous early into the book honestly spoilt some of the more interesting plot developments. For example, the entire way through the novel you know that they will become famous, which ruins the uncertainty of whether ‘Generation Next’ will become popular or not.

          • I agree. If someone who didn’t know the writer read the book, they would already get an idea that the main character was famous by the first chapter instead of finding out more and more about the characters. F

      • I agree. The storyline is really confusing and I have never heard of this you tuber. The start where it starts in the middle really confused me. Who were these characters.

      • I had heard of this Youtuber before and enjoy the videos he posts but I think that knowing some of the ways it works in the real world helps you understand without realising what’s in the book because you are used to the ideas of sponsors and and how the channels grow. I thought the layout of past and present was easy enough to understand, as long as you carefully read the introduction to know that there is a time jump. Introducing Generation Next as famous immediately however, didn’t spoil the plot for me just made me eager to see how they did it and what happens next.

        • I disagree with Charlotte, Brimsham Green because I feel like it spoilt, what should be, an unexpected plot. After the first few pages, it was obvious (to me) that the main characters were famous. In my opinion, the first chapter is completely irrelevant and for me spoils the story.

        • I agree with what you are saying about it creating mystery, but it could have been executed in a better way, leaving it up to the readers imagination as to what happened. I don’t really understand what you are trying to say about him being a youtuber? If your point was arguing that sponsors are a big part of reading, I have to disagree. Books should be about good writing and original plots, not just popular because the author is famous.

  9. I disagree with you because it is like real life. Someone might move schools and find someone they love and people could call them a new person. He may be a you tuber but the book is actually very good. Also, you do not know how much the co writer contributed to the writing of the book.

    • I disagree. Although people often move to new schools, this is also a cliché often used by writers. It is not very imaginative. I understand how many people can ‘fall in love at first sight’ but the quote, ‘the most kissable mouth’ is borderline sexual objectification. Lots of boys are like that in real life, but it doesn’t make it any more alright.

      • I agree. This links to my point with drama appealing to the more older teenager category. ‘The most kissable mouth’ quote is a good example of this because Year 7’s and Year 8’s don’t just look at a girl and say “Her mouth is so kissable”. This is not just too grown up but also very unrealistic in my opinion.

        • I am in Year 10, and I think that some of the people in my year are more likely to say that. However, just because older teenagers tend to think like that doesn’t make it any more okay. I feel like it portrays him as a bad person, because he’s deciding whether he likes someone on whether he thinks they’re ‘hot’.

  10. I agree with Winnie, Castle because I believe people only like this book because he is a famous youtuber and people will automatically like his book. However, if younger viewers buy this book and read it aloud to their parents, their parents will be surprised at the language used.

    • I agree, although I do not watch his channel. If he regularly uses language like that on his channel, then you should expect it, but if he doesn’t then that’s misleading.

      Either way, there should probably be a clearer label saying it is for older readers.

  11. I think this is a good book and oli white is a famous YouTuber and his book is really good and will get you at of your comfort zone. I like how they result they situation between them.

    • I agree with your point about how they resolve their issues, but it doesn’t get most readers out of their comfort zone at all. It is written in a very generic style, and lots of plot aspects are overused in teen fiction, meaning that although the main plot idea is very original, it is also incredibly similar in terms of relationships to most books in the teen fiction genre.

    • I agree with this because I find it quite complicated and I am only just starting to read the book. However, I like the backstory of the main character.

    • I agree, the style of writing is very inconsistent. Its written slightly with a humorous style of writing, like you may see in Percy Jackson, but then it changes very quickly and without warning to a more serious style, making it very hard to understand.

  12. My first impression of this book is that I’m not sure about this book because I feel like people will like it because of the YouTuber. Oli White is famous so lots of people will want to read it.

    • I know what you mean, however I think that there are lots of others reasons why people will like this book.
      Just because I know the You tuber, doesn’t mean that I am automatically going to like this book.
      It was really good and was a good break from other books.

      • I disagree, because he’s a youtuber many people will be encouraged to read this and think it will be good.
        Their like for this, in my opinion, clouds their view of seeing that its not actually that good.

        • I know what you are saying may be true in some cases, but in lots of them people like this book as it is a good book and not just because he is a You tuber.
          There are lots of people also who won’t know of him and who will still enjoy his book.

          • I do not agree with Winnie, Castle this book is actually very interesting you just need to carry on reading.

        • I agree with this because some people who have read the book and know the Youtuber say that they really like the book. However, I have only just started reading the book and “More of Me”, I found, was a much better book than “Generation Next”.

          • Lots of people who do not know of Oli White that I know of did enjoy the book though. Therefore, I disagree, however, yes, in your opinion “More of Me” might be a better book. It is just based on personal preference.

  13. The cover looks like it would drag in all of the people who watch Oli White’s YouTube channel as he is a very popular YouTuber. The story looks very interesting but there is some content that might put readers off the book and parents buying their child that book. Jacob, Abbeywood

    • I have not read this book yet but i think it will be about oli whites life as a youtuber i don’t know if i should read it or not.

    • In my opinion, I don’t think the cover has much to do with the book? After reading a bit of the book, you can tell its the main characters, but other than that it has no relevance to the actual plot, and looks quite boring.

      • I agree with Winnie,Castle because the front cover only includes the three main characters.

        However, this is also a good thing because readers can’t judge the book by its cover (but they can judge the book by its author) and you have to read the book to find out what the main plot is.

        • That is a good point, as it does lave a lot of mystery to the plot, but I feel like it should have a bit more relevance to the storyline.

          • Yes, I do see that side of things. However, there is lots of different things going on inside the book – there is the main idea but then also several other storylines coming out of the main plot. This is part of the reason why I found some parts quite confusing, because I couldn’t keep track where the main characters were and what they were doing.

  14. I really enjoyed this book – it was a nice break from lots of the more full-on books and it had some humour in it too. However, it did have some more mature parts which probably aren’t suitable for (some) year 7’s. Marianna, Abbeywood School

    • There were quite a lot of funny parts in this book, but it was unclear on whether the main character was funny or serious. He was continuously serious throughout most of the novel, but at times took a more humorous approach that didn’t seem to fit in with the character portrayed most of the time.

      • I agree! There were various parts of the book where the main character seemed to be making a joke of things, and some parts where he is really uptight and serious about the issues. Therefore, this makes it confusing sometimes and hard to understand the tone of the writing.

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